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Access and Inclusion at Lucky Dumpling Market

Lucky Dumpling Market welcomes customers with access needs, including those who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Entry and exit for Lucky Dumpling Market is via the riverbank pathway on the northern side of Elder Park (near Popeye’s landing), or via King William Road, on the southern side of the park.

Lucky Dumpling Markets entrances can be accessed from the following drop-off points

  • Adelaide Festival Centre drop-off point outside Banquet Room, at north-eastern corner of Adelaide Festival Centre. Take paved paths a short distance north along King William Rd, then left down the path along the southern edge of Elder Park, then right along the riverbank pathway
  • Jolley’s Lane off Victoria Drive. From the end of Jolley’s Lane, take the paved riverbank pathway west, passing under the King William Rd bridge, and staying on the path as it curves north and comes up along the northern edge of Elder Park
  • Festival Drive off Montefiore Rd, near the lift at the southern end of the Riverbank Footbridge. After taking the lift down, you can then travel on the paved switchback path down to the riverbank pathway, then east to reach Lucky Dumpling Market’s entrance. This lift can also be accessed by crossing the Riverbank Footbridge from its northern (War Memorial Drive) end to the southern end.

A 2022 access map illustrating the locations listed above can be viewed below on this page. Click here to view it as a PDF.

During events at Adelaide Oval, 2P Event Parking controls may be in place, on dates to be announced.

Road closures may also be in place for periods on these days, including War Memorial Drive between the Riverbank footbridge and King William Rd. Please see the City of Adelaide website for more info on Adelaide Oval event parking and traffic restrictions. We recommend you allow extra time to access the market and find a car park on these days.

Access advice from City of Adelaide regarding these days

When King William Road is closed, disabled parking spaces and drop off areas are situated next to the Dunstan Playhouse, drivers will need to access Festival Drive from Montefiore Road during these times. Lifts are situated at the southern end of the Riverbank Footbridge to help patrons get to Festival Drive.

As a park venue, the predominant ground covering is grass, but there are also asphalt paths and areas of decking near food vendors and bars. The terrain of the park is undulating.

Accessible features at Lucky Dumpling Market include

  • Accessible toilets – an accessible toilet is available at both toilet areas, in the north-eastern and south-western corners of the site
  • Bars with accessible counters
  • Decking with ramps leading up to food vendors’ stalls.

Lucky Dumpling Market’s food vendors are able to cater for people with dietary requirements – please enquire with each food vendor for details about ingredients and cooking processes.